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Reshade Frank 1.25.x
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Reshade Frank 1.25.x

I want to make clear, not developed this Reshade just modified.
I’m a fan of Reshade, like the effect it does, and have tested several.
This is based on the NATURAL COLOR by Nice 2000.
Among those who tested lately, for me, is what has the best effects to make the most beautiful ETS2.
But in my opinion it lacked the lens flare effect that makes the game more realistic.
So I made a change in the original NATURAL COLOR, with some files from a mod that adds the of lens flare effects.
Unfortunately not found the source to give credit to those developed.

work 1.25.x
– 64 bit
– Color Effect
– Vignette
– Lens flare
– SMAA (Without blurring) can now disable game default MLAA & Color correction.
If for you the lens flare effect is very strong, I also recommend disable HDR, make your tests.

Can Disable & Enable All Effect to “Scroll Lock” key
Extract to: Euro Truck Simulator2binwin_x64. Keep the folder structure and replace all necessary files.
I would advise to do before the backup folder win_x64
I decided to give the name of Frank to mod, for obvious reasons ( Frankenstein  ).

Authors: Nice 2000 & Over game

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