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Hursh Russia. Baikal R9 (1.28)
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Hursh Russia. Baikal R9 (1.28)

The new version of the map Harsh Russia R9

The order of installation is shown in the video

In the archive created profile for those who have problems with the creation of a new one.
DLC dlc_east, dlc_fr, dlc_north.scs is disabled.

Pak Russian traffic from Jazzycat
To run correctly on ETS 2 (1.28), you need to disable the following DLCs: dlc_fr, dlc_east, dlc_north (create a new folder where the DLC is located and move the conflicting DLCs there)

Adaptation for 1.28

Link 1 part1
Link 2 part2
Link 3: Profiles

Author: goba6372
Adaptation: _69_mf_
Pancha (help in finding problems with departure).

  • Digitalx
    2017-08-20 16:39
    Assuming this is the leaked version with broken roads, invisible walls etc? I recognise that first dirt image from a much older version of Truckers Map. Does Goba6372 even know this is here..?
  • Guest
    2017-08-20 16:42
    Does anybody has the original download Links please..I will and won't Download anything from the asshole Mods_Ats
  • Stripe21
    2017-08-21 20:47
    does anyone know what the truck in the video is? i could do with a truck like that, thanks in advance
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