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DAF XF 106 460 MX 13 340 Real Sounds
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DAF XF 106 460 MX 13 340 Real Sounds

The real sound of DAF XF106 which is recorded under the new scheme.All subsequent sounds will be recorded in this way.For the record this truck took a lot of time and patience.All the sounds of the switches, gear boxes, pneumatic systems, and other recorded it with DAF 106 460 and are completely authentic
● Professional quality
● 100% Audio file zapalenie recorded by me
● Recorded sounds outside and in the cockpit
● 346 audio files this Appendix
● Fully self-contained sounds
Includes real sounds of the switches in the interior, ZF gear box 12AS2530TO R pneumatic system brakes, valve desiccant electropneumatic horn real sound of the lift axle sound, authentic sound of a system for tracking lanes DAF and a variety of other sounds.

Vasily EVR Engine voice records

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