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MAN 520 HN [1.27.X] v1.0
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MAN 520 HN [1.27.X] v1.0

- for Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.27.X
- Buy DIRECTLY from Man dealer. (if you try to buy online, it will crash)
- If you are using my "Ford Cargo 2520" mod, put this mod ABOVE it on mod priority menu. (that mod will also be updated to   1.27 soon)
- Use warp 0.86 command on game console for maximum realism.
- This vehicle can be used BOTH as a truck and as a lorry with its dumper. (or dump truck, i don't know how u call it)

Tunak [TTMODS]

  • Guest
    2017-03-28 18:41
    Author link, please use:http://sharemods.com/s6o95ne3wrzt/Man_520_v1.scs.html
  • Trucker32
    2017-04-01 13:09
    MAN 520 HN läuft nicht auf 1.27 Spiel stürzt ab. Nur spielbar auf 1.26
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