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Mercedes Benz Actros 1635 1.22
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Mercedes Benz Actros 1635 1.22

-The Price of the mod and pre sale and release dates have been decided by the mod author, Gustavo. We at Mod Shop do not interfere at all.
-Staff Mod Shop is not responsible for malfunction or incorrect installation of mod truck made for you. You can contact directly with the owner of the mod, after all, he who did all the mod, we can not answer for him, right? Who send email related to this mod on the blog of the support will be ignored, we are warning you now to prevent it. The email contact is: [email protected]
-The Distribution of the MOD will also be made by the owner of mod, certainly you will receive email with instructions.
-The Mod is and will be working in the CURRENT version of Euro Truck Simulator 2.

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