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[1.31] Schmitz S.KO EXPRESS with Folding Wall v1.2
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[1.31] Schmitz S.KO EXPRESS with Folding Wall v1.2

Mod works on ETS2 v 1.30

Rework of the stand-alone (1.23) Schmitz S.KO Folding Wall Box trailer by RommiTZ, adds support for all current game features. Includes reworked custom BPW wheels with new materials and textures.

New in 1.2: Cable physics support, Italia DLC cargo definitions, updated collisions.

New in 1.1: 7 new company skins and 2 new variants for existing skins, all skins can be selected via the custom trailer selection on delivery pick-up

Fully standalone
SCS cargoes (~70)
Advanced coupling
Animated landing gear
Skinable box and rear mudflap (Template inside the archive)
Liftable axle
Realistic weight
Custom wheels
16 real company skins + 7 basic colour variants
Enabled in traffic
High quality AO for the box, rear bumper and wheels.
Realistic reflectives
Cable physics support

Installation: Copy the downloaded .zip archive to your mod folder and activate the mod in the Mod manager.

obelihnio, abasstreppas, Rommi TZ, Sib3rius, Sheryo, benalu

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