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Aerodynamic Airlines Trailer Pack Fixed 1.31
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Aerodynamic Airlines Trailer Pack Fixed 1.31

Changed the loads to several realistic ones.
Fixed collisions, lights, and a lot of details.
Added trailer cables and compatibility with version 1.31.x.

Sergey NoEsMalo, YKUT700

  • Sergey_noesmalo
    2018-05-10 17:18
    STOLEN MOD BY FLY5656 AKA MODS_ATS AND OTHER NICKNAMES.PLEASE USE GENUINE LINK:http://sharemods.com/9rujfkjzaiey/Trailer_Pack_AeroDynamic_Airlines_FIXED_by_Sergey_NoEsMalo.scs.htmlTHANK YOU.
  • Original
    2018-05-12 03:22
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