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TSM v6.6 public beta
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TSM v6.6 public beta

After long experimentation and long nerve-racking weeks it's now accomplished.
We are proud to present you the next version of the TSM as a public Beta.
After initial problems with the conversion, we have managed to give you a nearly final version to test.

Please note that this is a testversion of the map so there might be some little problems.

During the open test phase, adjustments to the Heavy Cargo DLC are made, because some motorway sections have to be adapted in height.
So if you notice some bridges or interchanges which are too low to pass, report them with accurate position indication (F11-view), a screenshot (F10/F12) and with the gamelog in our Bugtracker. Please check first if it's not already reported.
It's not necessary to post every report individually in the Bugtracker, so you can sum up all "bugs" in relation to the Heavy Cargo DLC in ONE Bugtracker-report.

Tested 1.27.x

TSM Team

  • Cruise
    2017-06-08 10:00
    Nice map!Я ЛОХ!!!
  • Maddison@tsm
    2017-06-08 12:12
    But not a original TSM Upload..This is the TSM Link:http://www.sharemods.com/imem20mis9vf/TSM_6.6_open_beta.7z.html
  • Bik


    2017-06-08 12:48
    ...and this:http://uploadfiles.eu/58aipg1qpwqh/TSM_6.6_open_beta.7z.html
  • Andrew07
    2017-06-08 18:55
  • Jackco
    2017-06-09 03:38
    here tsm facebook and real link https://www.facebook.com/TrucksimMap tsm map link http://sharemods.com/imem20mis9vf/TSM_6.6_open_beta.7z.html
  • Jackco
    2017-06-09 08:51
    if you start clean profile no problem...error log is clean!!!!! I tested many hours no crash no problems!!!!!!
  • Andrew07
    2017-06-09 16:33
    Started with new profile, doesn't work! Arranged the files in this orderTSM_Map_6_5_def&mat;.scsTSM_Map_6_5_map.scsTSM_Map_6_5_model_01.scsTSM_Map_6_5_model_02.scsTSM_Map_6_5_model_03.scsTSM_Map_6_5_model_04.scsTSM_Map_6_5_prefab&more;.scs
  • Desley
    2017-06-09 17:55
    i cannot driving to osnabruck the road when i go up to osnabruck is been blocked by trees and blocked the grass and ground texture
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