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Sams Real Curtains Trailers v2.5
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Sams Real Curtains Trailers v2.5

Sams Real Curtains Trailers - this mod add 32 HQ paint job for long Krone and SCS curtain trailers in ETS 2 game.

Features mod Sams Real Curtains Trailers:
- high quality skins for trailers
- The following colors are available: blue, black, brown, white and yellow.

Colours and Brands
SCS Box:
Brown, Black, Blue, Yellow, White, + ALG, CAT, Chenker, DHL, dpd, DSV, GEODIS, GLS, Kaukokiito, SAAB

Brown, Black, Blue, Yellow, White + ALG, CAT, Chenker, DHL, dpd, DSV, GEODIS, GLS, Enchanted Krone curtain paint job, Kaukokiito, SAAB

Changes in v2.5:
- Matte update for both Krone and SCS box trailer

 Old Changes
1.0 Curtains for SCS Box side curtain trailer
1.1 Added Krone paint job for Krone Profiliner
1.11 Added Black, Blue, Brown, Yellow and White curtains for Krone.
1.13 Added DB Chenker paint job for Krone and SCS box long curtain
trailers. Moved mod permanently on Steam -workshop.
1.14 Added Schwarzmuller sams edition paint job for Schwarzmuller trailer
2.0 All paint jobs now upgraded to rusty full-body paint job.
2.1 Curtain roof fix for all.
2.11 Fixed missing Schenker SCS box trailer -paint job
2.2 Added new paint jobs: DHL, dpd, GEODIS, Kaukokiito
2.3 New icons and thumbnail. Support dropped for schwarzmuller -trailer.
2.31 Coca-Cola, Christmas paint job added
2.4 New icons + ALG, CAT, DSV, GLS, SAAB paint jobs added
2.43 Chenker paint job fix, Improved black -paint job, other adjustments

Note from the author:
This mod is only for people with LEGIT COPY OF THE GAME

samsunix, @xXCARL1992Xx

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