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Real parking complexity v0.1
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Real parking complexity v0.1

- Addition for the default card with the complication of parking spaces for the trailer. Recycled with DLS: Special Transport, Heavy Cargo Pack, High Power Cargo Pack, Going East! and Scandinavia

The essence of the supplement:
Why add, not mod? This addition is difficult to call modular because the changes of the card itself have not yet touched. The main and notable changes are on the territory of the Companies offering cargoes.
Now the Territory of the Companies is not an "aerodrome" on which it is possible to deploy an airplane ... In some companies, sometimes parking by the rating of complexity will simply be impossible, because On the way there can be a truck or trailer. However, if you go to bed, then the situation may change in the morning!
For lovers of open territories (people playing with mods that are removed by semi-transparent barriers at intersections), in the area of ??intersections where the road will end I installed the sign 6.8.1 "Dead end". Thought came to mind not so long ago so signs are not yet everywhere! For now, be careful!

At the moment, most of the processed territories are in Poland, Scandinavia, a little in Germany, Britain. Well, for the rest of Europe a little smeared =).
In connection with the announcement of SCS some innovations, surprises on the track decided not yet to implement. Modernization of territories will be mastered gradually and periodically spread updates.
Missing DLS cards will be recycled as they are acquired.
A completely reworked map will be indexed v.1.0.
Version of the game: Actual Steam-version
The authors of the models for the map:
Satan19990; Atak_Snajpera; Jazzycat
Special thanks for help in mastering the map editor valera_t, 10AVOID
Test version: 1.30.x-1.31.x

SCS Software,Vito

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