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MACK Superliner V8 RTA Mods v3.5 v1.30.x
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MACK Superliner V8 RTA Mods v3.5 v1.30.x

Mack Superliner V8 v3.5
For versions of the game ETS2 v1.28.x - v1.30.x

Virat, SCS: - 3D model.
Smith - Template, assistance with animation etc.
Fire-Blade: - improved exterior and interior model,modeling.
NN-Mihail: - conversion and setup. v3.5
kriechbaum: - sounds, engines and transmissions.
Pauly: - Skins, test, Technical support
Evelin Sophie: - Skins, Technical support
Driver Geo: - Video, test
Mick Brown: - Technical support.
Tracy N Nathan Anderson - Technical support.
It is registered in the auto IVECO. It is found in the company's orders. Present in the gallery trucks.
Has the real engines, transmissions, sound. and coloring template.
What's new in version 3.5
1. Updating a version of for the game ETS2 v1.28.x - v1.30.x
2. Animation mudguards, pedals, brakes, clutch and gas.
3. baking on new technology.
4. The new template.
5. Numerous improvements, etc.
6. Completely reworked, improved model of the exterior and interior, to create new, high-quality textures, new 3D parts.
Later mod will be continuously improved and developed new tuning options will be added, and of course bug fixes.

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  • Лёха
    2018-01-27 17:02
    Твои изменения в 3.5 на самом деле авторские изменения в 3.0 и ты опять перезалил старый модИзменения в 3.01. Анимированные брызговики, педали тормоза, сцепление и газ.2. Запечка текстур по новой технологии.3. Новый шаблон.4. Многочисленные улучшения и т. д.5. Полностью переделанная и улучшенная модель интерьера, созданы новые высококачественные текстуры, детали.
  • Лёха
    2018-01-27 17:16
    Your changes in 3.5 are really the author's changes in 3.0 and you again reloaded the old modChanges in 3.01. Animated mud flaps, brake pedals, clutch and gas.2. Baking textures using the new technology.3. New template.4. Numerous improvements, etc.5. Completely redesigned and improved interior model, new high-quality textures, details are created.3.0 from Phantom94 www.modhub.us/euro-truck-simulator-2-mods/mack-superliner-v3-0-1-27/
  • Ets2_moder
    2018-01-27 17:35
    Yes, mod old in 2017!? But not as old as the mammoth shit!But do you agree that the new private mod, nobody to pay until you - dear friend!
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