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Bennekebens Lowrider mod V1.0
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Bennekebens Lowrider mod V1.0

Creator : Bennekeben (Xfire/Steam ID),* Feel Free to Add me

Mod Name : Bennekebens Lowrider Mod version 1.0 Supported for ETS2 version 1.11 And 1.12

More info on this mod Below!

Screenshots taken with other mods active !
Wheelmods v2.0
Bennekebens show n shine mod v1.1

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I would like to know your thoughts about this mod! Having a cool idea to make this mod even better?
any suggestion is welcome..make a comment on our Forum.
You can find my mods on..
 http://1manarmyfans.webs.com  Allways publish our mods/updates first"

Whats In this MOD ???
This mod includes:

3 diffrant Lowerd Chassis for every truck
Low, Verry low, To low

Fixed with sidecovers and exhausts

Prices based on my Mega discount mod,
this lowerd chassis are a bit more expensive then the standards
but they are still cheap!

Custom Creations
Custom lowerd chassis
3 diffrerent stances depending how low u want to go..
working on all trucks + fixed side cover panels and exhausts.

Also added the material looks from the show n shine mod
this includes checkerd mudflaps,better Looks on metals,platics,paint

 Whats Planned for the Next Update
maybe some small fixes if needed.

Great to co-op with other mods!
i have tested this mod with other mods
Wheel mods,trailer mods,..(see screenshots)
 Little Bugs?
Iveco Hiway chassis has a bug, the To low chassis is basiclly only a photo stance.
its undrivable, the other trucks have no problems.

with trailer mods the trailer will be a bit outleveld when attached but works fine..

Tested on Ets 2 Version 1.12

Do you still see something wrong ? plz report it !! We will fix reported bug in the Following update of this mod!!

Have Fun !!


  • Guest
    2014-09-01 10:54
    If the App.box Links are NOT WORKING then use the second mirrorWe have Bandwide issues cause of massive downloading on our mods.This makes our links blocked once we maxxed out our bandwide.The second Mirror is an Older VERSIONOnly APP.BOX Mirrors are the Latest Version of Bennekebens Mods.For more info about this Visit http://1manarmyfans.webs.com
  • Guest
    2014-09-10 12:44
    A new Download link has been created https://app.box.com/s/r0bzfzcfew3d4tlfdj80 Go to http://1manarmyfans.webs.com if the Links are not working! Thanks aheadBennekeben
  • Bennekeben
    2014-09-13 06:18
    Updated to 1.0.2Added lowerd chassis for the scania T model ! Have fun ! Bennekeben
  • Guest
    2014-10-12 14:19
    NEW DOWNLOAD LINK >> http://uploadfiles.eu/knus7bfpawmo/zzzzzzzzz_Bennekebens_Lowrider_mod_V1.0.2.scs.htmlNew update in progress check out main site for info!grtz Bennekeben
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