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Renault Magnum 2009 Reworked v1.0
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Renault Magnum 2009 Reworked v1.0

Magnum Model 2009 standalone (not a substitute for anything) is registered
dealer Renault 9 slot, and is registered in Europe and the UK, is registered in the (company/quick job)
in Europe and Britain. It has a selection of more chassis (Oleg Kushin) to
different 6x2, 6x4, 6x2 / 4, 8x4, 8x4 / 2, 10x4 / 6
c lift axles

Update for 1.25
Added support DLC Accessories support
Added support DLC Flag
Added animations steering wheel,
Added 3 mode wiper

Please DO NOT RE-Upload. Always share using the provided link.

Authors Renault Magnum 2009: SCS, Yuri Shitov, vovangt4
Authors original model Oleg Kushin (Jgut)

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