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45d FOV Cameras by Wembo
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45d FOV Cameras by Wembo

This mod changes the FOV of all the cameras in the game to a 45° angle, for that touch of realism.

1. before applying mod, go into the game and reset your Seat Adjuster
2. in the Sear Adjuster menu, pull back the seat to maximum with the “S” key and press “K” twice (to incline forward)
3. save
4. apply mod
5. enjoy a new level of realism

Very important: after step 4, DO NOT make ANY adjustments in the Seat Adjuster menu. The mod is designed to alter the actual interior camera position to take into consideration the new FOV and if you modify anything after step 4 it will try to reset itself to the new camera position and the camera would be placed in the windshield.


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