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50k MapEdit - Sellplan replacement v1.0
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50k MapEdit - Sellplan replacement v1.0

"base" folder where all existing ETS2 resources are saved only for proper loading in BT and thus don't need to be packed into final mod at all;
"mod_map" folder used as mod base of ETS2-MapEdit"mod_small_market" folder used as additional mod base of "Small Market" prefab which has only 1 unloading point, moreover it's layout matches boundaries of vanilla "Sellplan" prefab from ETS2 and can be packed into a mod separately.


Most recent direct ETS2-MapEdit mod download and all needed info can be found here @LATEST VERSION

For advanced usage, step by step:

Download Asset Conversion Tools and unpack them to
Download this repository by clicking Download ZIP on the right/top site of web page and unpack it to

Open file /conversion_tools/extra_mount.txt and add paths depending on your needs:

Convert map with all dependencies:


Convert only Small Market prefab:


Go to /conversion_tools/rsrc and delete any content inside this folder
Go to /conversion_tools and run convert.cmd
Go to /conversion_tools/rsrc again and pack it's content as zip
Use zipped file as regular mod.


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