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Kink Stadt Map v1.0
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Kink Stadt Map v1.0

This is a little town i built, it is my first and I’m still learning how to map, Located East of Limoges. You must have the Vive La France DLC for this to work. It is fictional and tested on 1.28. It does include a pick up/drop off point (Nos Paturages) However, it is not functional yet, hopefully i can make it work in the next version. Thanks to Bricksathome for giving me tips and in general helping me with the editor.

SCS Software, KinkyViking, Bricksathome

  • Bricksathome
    2017-08-07 18:43
  • Simrelated
    2017-08-08 02:00
    Thanks KinkyViking - good luck with your future mapping
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