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Scania R500 V8 1.12.1
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Scania R500 V8 1.12.1

Scania R500 V8

Model authors: Ahaneim, Chudy, Mr.Poland, SCS, TheGreatJoe, Mr.Nick.
Convert/edit: Maciek.

  • Michaal_z_gno
    2014-09-12 02:30
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    Mod comes from the Polish forum and forbade the elevation of the author. Ps. On one forum it beszczelnie stole and remove the info about the ban but as something I can give you the link where mod is directly given by the author.
  • Czesiek
    2014-09-12 12:06
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    "Ps. On one forum it beszczelnie" tak to jest jak się korzysta z google translatora.
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