Farming simulator 2019 mods
Mercedes Benz NG 1729 v1.0 adapted to V1.23.x, 1.24
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Mercedes Benz NG 1729 v1.0 adapted to V1.23.x, 1.24

MERCEDES-BENZ NG1729 v1.0 adapted and modified to v1.23.x 1.24

Spelled out in the salon - MERCEDES-BENZ slot 2
Prescribe homepage (gallery)
1 Cabin
3 chassis
There is a tuning
Native Wheels v1.23.x above

Adaptation version: v1.16.x
Adaption wheel (and changed the texture) and up to v1.23.x
I changed the texture of interior and other (interior changed because it was dark as a cave ....)
I changed a lot of cars (the car is loaded, 3 different chassis and tonnage: weight 4x2 cars + 8ton cargo
6x4 + Weight, 10 tons of cargo, 6x6 cars + 11ton weight cargo)
6x6 chassis made an increased stroke shock absorbers (for "Off-road maps")
I changed the engines (and remove excess (the names were different, but the essence does not change))
Engine: OM 404 Turbo V8 did mode: Turbo (My innovation) (when you press the "engine braking" and released the accelerator pedal occurs mode: Turbo (for cards "Harsh Russian") with this regime (some would not be standing CPT)
INFINITE acceleration occurs, the regime akuratno !!!
(With this mode on passenger cars, on the map "East Ekspres" reached a speed of 445 km / h !!!)

Tested version: v1.23.x, 1.24.x

Author: Eualizer, Trucker94
Adaptation, optimization, fixes and changes: RNV_Nik1

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