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Kelsa Lightbars for DAF XF 105 & 106 v1.2 (1.28)
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Kelsa Lightbars for DAF XF 105 & 106 v1.2 (1.28)

The focus of this pack is to bring various Kelsa light bars available for the XF 105/6. All parts resemble their real counterparts as close as possible, that includes slot numbers/positions.
Every part is custom fit to it’s respective truck.

New in 1.2:
MultiBar XL
All parts have a painted variant for skinning (refer to the template for exact locations – in the archive)

New in 1.1:
HiBar DH12 (SC cabins)
Visorbar (SSC cabins); can be used with the DH08 HiBar

Parts included:
HiBar DH04 (SC cabins)
HiBar DH08 (SSC cabins)
LoBar (different for 105/6)
Sidebar for XF 105 (stock side skirts for 4×2 only)
Sidebar for XF 106 (stock side skirts for 4×2 only)

Installation: Copy the downloaded .zip archive to your mod folder and activate the mod in the Mod manager.


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