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Narko trailers by Kast v1.1.3 1.37
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Narko trailers by Kast v1.1.3 1.37

Full trailers addon update
Changes in v1.0.5
-fixed logo positions
-Fixed missing sidecover

Changes in v1.1.3
-Suitable lines added to hooks
-more chassis options added

(Full trailers addon)
Changes in v1.0.4
-Fixed missing sidecover on 1x2
-More chassis options added

Changes in v1.1.2
-Trailer brace animation fix
-Defaults removed from parts
-HCT added
(Full trailers addon)

Changes in v1.0.3
-Trailer brace animation fix
-Trailers with r22.5 added
-removed defaults from parts
-Templates updated
-No restriction addon updated

Närko ownable trailers with several options and trailer types.
Had no plans to really release it, and there is little issue with configuring trailers, some rear lights and sidecovers may bug out.(several variants at the same time visible)
Just by clicking parts agen or reselect back bumper agen and then select lights you want.
And you are good to go. Same with side covers

Link 3 Närko Full Trailers addon


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