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Moscow Map 1.25.x
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Moscow Map 1.25.x

Hello dear friends. I want to present you Moscow map.
It was done realistic like in real life. It has animations, real car models on maps, such real trees and grass. Hope you like it.
Have fun!
Version of game: 1.25 maybe will work on older versions.
Please use only original links (MIRRORS TOO)!
Greetings, Danex.

Danex & Dima

  • Cruise
    2016-10-25 17:11
    "Please use only original links (MIRRORS TOO)!DO NOT REUPLOAD RESPECT THE AUTHOR!Greetings, Danex."Moderators: mods_ats - do not publish the goat. He is a thief and a crook.
  • Bruins
    2016-10-25 17:29
    Где:- Видео? - С какой картой совместима?- Описание?Нафига эти каракули на буржуйском - по русски пиши.
  • Cruise
    2016-10-25 17:59
    Качайте с другого прибалтийского сайта. Здесь эти козлы авторские ссылки заменили своими. Пусть подавятся этими копейками, уроды.
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