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Big Stars – Actros/Arocs SLT v1.2
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Big Stars – Actros/Arocs SLT v1.2

Update v1.2
– Support V1.25.
– Fixed a typo in the tabernacle aertseen.
– Adjust the skin blue star.
– Added icons removable.

– Independent. Acquires from Mercedes dealer
– Kabina BigSpase for both models (width 2500mm)
– Cabin GigaSpase only Actros (Width 2500mm)
– 1 8×4 chassis for both models (length 3900mm)
– Various options for the wings
– Different parts of tyunninga (lattice laytbary, grills, etc.)
– Their engines and PPC
– Their skins
– And other…
– DLC Cabin Acessories Support
– Support for DLC National Window Flags
– Support wheel adjustment system
– Supports advanced coupling (Important: It is located on the stage of completion, because can not work properly with some trailers.)
– Templates for skins (located in a separate folder on the forward link)

Authors: WrittenExamle, Thunderhawk, D4LYNCHHD, Speedy143, Lucas95

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