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Scania S730 - ALREDY IN ETS2 1.26
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Scania S730 - ALREDY IN ETS2 1.26

New generation Scania S730.
Truck is v1.0 version.
It has:
1 Cabin, 1 chassis, 1 engine.On future I plan to make more variants.
Truck is standalone, found on Scania dealership


  • Cruise
    2017-01-10 10:39
    Upload by JBK_Modeler - fake 100%
  • Schenker-driver
    2017-01-12 10:38
    =Scania S730 - ALREDY IN ETS2 1.26= It´s Fake, because SCS will publish him before Summer. And he is surly not in Game... :-(
  • Guest germany
    2017-01-12 11:09
    What a fucking shit, Game crashes while loading. Nothing is in Game, why when it was here the Upload ??? Go away with all the Fake here.
  • Ducsnoopy
    2017-01-12 11:49
    This mods is a fake it plates the games or you place the mods, even having this one of activated.It's good to create trucks but you should try them before posters.
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