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Eastern Express v9.0 + Fix [1.25.x]
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Eastern Express v9.0 + Fix [1.25.x]

Map of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. There is a standard Europe and the DLC “Going East”. To work needed to set licensed game DLC and DLC Ssandinavia of GE.

New in version 9.0:
Added new cities:
– Izhevsk
– Bogdanovic
– Perm
– Ekaterenburg
– Tyumen

Fixes a beta patch 1.25.h.h card EE 9.1 and EE 9.0
Connect both fixation with a higher priority than the map!

Jazzycat, Dima063, fura2010, valera_t , SCS Software, kosa6414, жаба, STALKER45, Denlog, Gluck, klipstoeun8839

  • Molivos
    2016-10-27 16:27
    too old version...
  • Cruise
    2016-10-27 17:24
    mods_ats: что еще от этого козла ждать.
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