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MAZ 6440 FOR HARSH RUSSIAN (upd 21.07.17)
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MAZ 6440 FOR HARSH RUSSIAN (upd 21.07.17)

Maz was made for harsh Russia specifically for a pack of off-road trailers, for simple can not try to call in, will not call.
Purchase in the DAF saloon, registered in a separate slot
1 cabin
2 interiors
1 chassis 6x6
2 engines
6 transmissions
Tuning no,
Advanced coupling works.
Wheels are borrowed from the Urals from the Ekualizer.

Update 21.07.17

-changed texture of bumpers, door boxes, pots, cans
-replaced engine and transmission
-correctly spelled drive axles and changed weight distribution, increased travel suspensions
-normal centered display of the selected gear and cruise on a computer
-moved the odometer, in place of the odometer outside temperature now
-changed prices and LVL unlock parts
-completely changed the middle light\far.

Test on version 1.27.x

Author: Vovan Yurchenko (lynx55) Wheel model author: Ekualizer Modified: MouseG

  • Mouseg
    2017-07-21 21:22
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