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Peter Wouters Thermo SCANIA S500 1.30.x
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Peter Wouters Thermo SCANIA S500 1.30.x

- Autonomous Truck, fully standalone
- own slot in Dealership
– Interior that was made from real photos and very exclusive details
– real Lighting in the cabin
– AO Baked textures
– own real sound
– own wheels (high detailed)
– combo package with included Trailer

We make mods only from high quality interiors and 3D design
Have fun! :)
Tesed on 1.30X version

CCTeam, castellowanta

  • Fake
    2018-02-18 09:21
    Fake again by Mods80
  • Space cam
    2018-02-18 17:22
    This mod needs the outside wiper animation, one should be able to see the wipers working from out side view, and also a can you make engines like a 750 hp up with a lot of torque for all terrain.
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