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Scania high-def interior gauges & emblem v1.0
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Scania high-def interior gauges & emblem v1.0

This mod changes the Scania's instrument faces and steering wheel emblem to photorealistic ones with four times the resolution. Works with all interior trims and varieties - Standard, Exclusive, V8, both left- and right-hand drive (UK) versions of both R and Streamline models. There's also a version compatible with all RJL Scania R, Streamline, and T models when equipped with 6 Series dashboards. Also provided are optional versions with combined km/h and mph speedometers on a single dial, as created by nfshp253.

I recommend it for use with high-quality graphics and high resolution settings. While the mod will work with any settings, if you can't play on higher resolutions or high quality settings, you may not see an improvement from this mod.

UPDATE May 2017: New version 2.0, compatible with 1.27. Remade all gauges and dashboard indicator lights from scratch, while updating to include lift axle and differential lock indicators

Link 1: DOWNLOAD for SCS trucks
Link 2: DOWNLOAD for RJL trucks

All texture edits by lonestranger. Original textures by SCS. Animation edits b lonestranger and nfshp253.

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    2017-05-04 16:39
    ATTENTION !!!Link in the Text here goes to this Site, DL is on sharemods by mods_ats !!!Original-Linlk from RJL (via SCS-Forum):http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=177963 (Truck)
  • Michale
    2017-05-04 17:06
    Link in the Text here goes to modhub.us
  • Cruise
    2017-05-04 18:09
    mods_ats пидарас, мы вместе ебем мою мать шлюхуps я андрей инвалид
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