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Mack Titan New v3.5 [1.30.x]
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Mack Titan New v3.5 [1.30.x]

- Standalone. Dealer of DAF.
- 1 cabin. 1 Chassis.
- Their engines. Its PPC.
- Its own interior.
- Their sounds.
- It is painted. Has its own skin.
- Great tyuning. (Spoiler, pipes, fly swatches, bumpers, mud flaps, additional lights, GPS)
- Your wheels.
-Central to the campaign and gallery
Last changes:
- The sleeping bag is shifted by 2 pixels to remove the gap from the passenger side
- Updated materials for the interior
- Standard instrument materials
- External values ​​of env are slightly corrected
- Some work done with shadows
- Front tires
- Added 2-5 things, what exactly the author forgot (or intrigues)
Test on version 1.30.ххх

GSC, Mahad110, FRANK_WOT, Andrei Vasiliev, vitalik062, Kriechbaum, Sledge, SISL

  • Space cam
    2018-02-18 12:30
    can it be made with removable and with other sun-visor option,
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