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Owned Flatbed Trailer Edit 1.32.x
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Owned Flatbed Trailer Edit 1.32.x

This is my mod for testing, only for 1.32 version of the game.
Edit flatbed owned trailer
addons for flatbed only
this mod is for testing, may need some DLC’s to work.
rearbumper is w.i.p. so no need to report.
please report problems here, no request please on my other mods
only about this mod.

Zeeuwse Trucker,SCS

  • Zeeuwse_trucker
    2018-08-17 17:47
  • Zeeuwse_trucker
    2018-08-17 17:49
    This is my mod for testing
  • Zeeuwse_trucker
    2018-08-17 17:50
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