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Russian Open Spaces v7.8 1.37
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Russian Open Spaces v7.8 1.37

Changelog v7.8
- Adapted for the new version of the game.
- Improved vegetation, redone roads in some parts of the map.
- The climate is not in the snowy areas redone by default.
- Fixed roads that lost collision.
- Redesigned some models that began to look wrong with the new versions.
- Sounds only defaulted.
- Added to the traffic and random events fire KamAZ.
- Fixed bugs found in the previous version.

Update 7.7:
- Adapted for the new version of the game.
- Improved vegetation, redone roads in some parts of the map.
- Fixed bugs found in the previous version.

Cities and towns in Russia:
Alakurtti, Arzamas 16, Arkhangelsk, Velikisovochny, Upper Nyud, Vologda, Vorkuta, Vuktyl, Vytegra, Gubkinsky, Izhma, Inta, Kargopol, Kem, Kineshma, Kirov, Carpet, Kondopoga, Kotala, Kotlas, Red Bogatyr, Labytuhnimo, Lyubuhnimo, Lyubuhnimo , Peaceful, Muravlenko, Murmansk, Nadym, Naryan-Mar, Nizhny Novgorod, Novaya Ladoga, Novomoskovsk, Novy Urengoy, Ozerny, Okunev Nos, Onega, Oshta, Plesetsk, Morozov Village, Salekhard, Severodvinsk, Severomorsk, Severomorsk 3, Segezha Soviet, Stepanovo, Surgut, Syktyvkar, Tikhvin, Tobolsk, Tosno, Shots, Ust-Usa, Ust- elm, Ukhta, Uholovo, Khanty-Mansiysk, Kharyaga, Kholmogory, Khorey Vere, Cherepovets, Shlisselburg, Yugorsk.

Link 4 https://sharemods.com/6xrdrcb9fimp/Russian_open_spaces_vehicle_37.rar.html
Link 5 https://sharemods.com/vcygk11l5h3e/Russian_open_spaces_vehicle_truck_37.rar.html

author: MOROZOV (Pavel)
The authors of the models: oq37, kosa6414, klipstoeun8839.
Author of loading screens, skins of a new company, skins for trucks and a tow truck, and skins for new trailers :: ♕-SlawkA-♕.
Testers: sowa, Olsestar.

The mod used models taken from the cards:
- RusMap (with permission of the author of the Gricko models).
- TSM MAP (version from mario1961, with its permission).

- Trailer models were used in the mod: Semi-trailer non-tarp and semi-trailer nefaz tank (with permission of the author of the Koral models).
- In the mod used trailer models from Jazzycat, Roadhunter, Satan19990, Syncron3DCreations, Patrick Poulsen, MDModding.

- The model of the crane for the tow truck was taken from the mod "Renault Magnum Recovery" Author: Laxi.

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  • Gringo
    2020-06-05 14:15
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    Downloaded and extracted the files, placed in modmanager but does not show to activate,earlier version works ok.
  • Gringo
    2020-06-05 21:41
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    Problem solved :)
  • Aloïs
    2020-06-06 13:28
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    Need road connection rusmap
  • Jose
    2020-06-11 14:50
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    Huge map of Russia! Great work!Some points to be checked though:a) There is no bridge over the river between Novy Urengoy and Gubkinskiy (near the 3rd petrol station from Novy Urengoy) b) Inside the garage, the game crashes (between Louhi and Segeja, next to the ferry).c) There is some part missing from de road in PROM3OHA* (you can still avoid this by getting outside the road).Thanks.
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