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Accessory parts fop all truck v2.0 [1.24.x]
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Accessory parts fop all truck v2.0 [1.24.x]

Addons for all Trucks
Currently supported game version: 1.24
Changelog v2.0
- More details for long sidelights.
- Materials edited for Hella Marker Lights.
- added Hella Marker Lights
- added new NBB Alpha 225 (2 Versions)

powerkasi, 50k, many more

  • Alexcrazy
    2016-08-14 15:27
    all files in mod from 2012-2013 - another bugged old shit
  • Theosz
    2016-08-14 18:06
    I can't download to check, I see 'Wrong IP' message.Republishing are welcome but need work full compatible with last version of the game. Nobody needs outdated and fake mods with many errors in game.log.txt that causes LAGs and low FPSs and not full compatible with the last versions. it is a wasted time to download that gamers need avoid.
  • Theosz
    2016-08-14 18:09
    ...if it is just a join from old files with sure it will not work properly and is a (fake marketing) because some things had changed since v1.22 - the yellow, blue and white lamps (from right to left) for example.Fake mods with fake modders are bad for host's owners as well, where the gamers will lose to believe.
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