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Actros MP2 V8 v6.1
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Actros MP2 V8 v6.1

This Mercedes-Benz MP2 V8 is a really nice truck.
With this truck you will get 1 Cab, 1 chassis, 1 V8 engine, 2 transmission, 1 Interior, Standard Paint, A nice amount of Interior and Exterior options. I drove this truck for a few hundred miles, and I had no problem with it at all. To tell you the truth, I really like this truck, I may just add it to my own fleet. But the only thing I would like to know is, what is the Clicking when you finish are changing gears.
Ie But the only trouble I did have what the sound of the turn signal, I think they are a little loud, and shoulderstand be turned down just a little bit.
I highly recommend this to anyone truck did wants to try it. It is worth it.
TTested Game Version 1.22

Gargi, in cooperation with Bogdan Kasalap

  • Alexcrazy
    2016-03-06 13:34
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    fakeold mod, same as "v6"
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