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Adaptive Increased Traffic Mod v1.1
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Adaptive Increased Traffic Mod v1.1

Adaptive Increased Traffic Mod [ AITM ©  v1.1 ]

This is the second mod of Adaptive Increased Traffic Mod [ Name changed to IATM because There is a mod named Incredead Traffic Density uploaded by other user ]

Changelog v1.1 -
Changed name from Increased Traffic Density to AITM © [  Adaptive Increased Traffic Mod ] ,
Fixed some traffic conjestion in Expressway's Intersection , and
Increasing and Decreasing Traffic is choosen Randomly.

I have created this mod which would increase the traffic adaptively in game and hence enchance your gaming experience.This have been tested with v1.9 to V1.9.8 and works.
You could upload it to other sites or edit it only after contacting with me through email id [email protected] but please dont forget to give a credit in my name as well.

Extract and Put the scs file into the mod folder in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 located in My Documents, [ i.e Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod ].

Created by Murshid4Gaming


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