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Addition for KAMAZ-6460 by Koral
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Addition for KAMAZ-6460 by Koral

Supplement for KAMAZ-6460
This cumulative update, bringing together all the previously laid out in the main theme of fashion and incorporate new developments.
Designed for fashion "KAMAZ-6460/65221/65225" (by koral), an adapted version of the game to 1.19 (by MRD_Hasky).
Tested on version: 1.22 and higher.
Building renovation: il_86
The composition of renovation:
The processed sound.
+ Also added to the original mod sounds signals: two electric + S306D S307D (low and high tones) in the main signal and pneumatic pressure signal to respectively S40V. Pressure signal is registered as a separately installable unit, placed on the roof in the same slot that the flashing light.
+ "Step" camera (user O.) is added to the Fashion amended and supplemented by foreshortening to look to the left when installed blinds.
+ Improved animation tachometer. Now his readings are displayed in accordance with the engine speed of the game.
New in this version:
+ Reduce to the original value of the ground clearance chassis 65221/65225 (6x6).
+ Added 4 engine modification Kamaz-740.hh by Euro-3 and Euro-4.
+ Added two kinds of CAT and 2-4 version ZM gear ratios for each chassis.
+ Added options for white rims chassis 6460 and a separate set of rims Chassis 65225.
+ Prescribe tire characteristics and their compatibility with different types of chassis.
+ Tractor registered to work in the companies.

Option 1
Copy to folder \ mods \ and connect the profile (with a priority above the main mode).
Option 2 (for advanced users)
Add files from the archive in a shared file .scs mod.

Before using this version of the mod it is recommended to sell the existing tractor.
Also I recommend for advanced users to delete or rename the folder \ def \ basically archive with the towing vehicle, in this supplement full-time registration is duplicated.
Do not forget to back up changed files!

The main modification: http://sharemods.com/sj84rcdqnzsk/kamaz_6460_1.19.7z.html


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