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Addition for KAMAZ-6460 by Koral v1.04 (1.23.x)
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Addition for KAMAZ-6460 by Koral v1.04 (1.23.x)


This cumulative update that combines all previously laid out in the main theme of fashion and incorporate new developments.
Designed for fashion “KAMAZ-6460” (by koral), adapted on the game version 1.19 (by MRD_Hasky).
Tested on version: 1.23 and higher.
Building renovation: il_86
Used accessories from model daf1 and GTrucker.
Special thanks: _69_mf_

Composition of renovation:
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+ Redesigned sound.
+ Also in fashion added original signal sounds: two electric S306D S307D + (low and high tones) on the main signal and the pneumatic pressure signal S40V to appropriately. Pressure signal is registered as a separately installable unit, placed on the roof in the same slot that the flashing light.
+ “Step” of the camera (from the user O.) added to the modes and supplemented corrected for foreshortening view to the left when installed blinds.
+ Improved animation tachometer. Now, his readings are displayed in accordance with the engine speed in the game.
+ Reduced to the original value of the ground clearance of the chassis 65221/65225 (6×6).
+ Added 4 Kamaz-modification engines 740.hh by Euro-3 and Euro-4.
+ Added two kinds of PPC and 2-4 version ZM gear ratios for each gear.
+ Added white versions rims chassis 6460 and a separate set of rims for chassis 65225.
+ Prescribe characteristics of tires and their compatibility with different types of chassis.
+ Tracker is registered to work in the companies.
* DLC Support “Cabin Accesories” and some new accessories (including animations) into the cabin.

New in this version:
* Adaptation of the wheels to version 1.23
* Minor changes and improvements to a residence permit

The file in zip-archive without compression, 2 possible installation options.

Option 1
Copy to folder mods and connect to the profile (with a priority above the main mode).
Option 2 (for advanced users)
Delete or rename the folder def mainly .scs file with the tractor. Then add the files from the archive.

Before using this version of the mod is recommended to sell the existing tractor, or at least remove the entire set tuning. Not necessarily, of course.
Also I recommend for advanced users to delete or rename the folder def basically archive with the towing vehicle, in this supplement full-time registration is duplicated.
Do not forget to back up changed files!


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