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Adjustable Cruise Control (application) 1.18.1
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Adjustable Cruise Control (application) 1.18.1

This program allows you to set cruise control speed to preset value and also increase or decrease current CC speed.
I wrote this application for the first Euro Truck Simulator, but since then, I have added support for both newer and older games. So by now, it can work with selected versions of 18 Wheels of Steel: Convoy, Haulin, American Long Haul and Extreme Trucker 1 & 2, ETS 1, GTS/ATS, UKTS and ETS 2. For the list of actually supported versions, refer to readme.txt file distributed with the program or to a listing inside the program itself.

Some links in this post are shortened and "hidden" using adf.ly - if you have problem following such links, I can provide you a direct link, just ask for it. Also, there has been some suggestions that I will upload presented files to different hosting. I will not do that for various reasons, none of which is substantial right now. But if you really have problems downloading from hosting I am using, let me know and I will send you any file via e-mail or upload it on public FTP.

If you have any question regarding this program or have any problem with it, please contact me using PM or write directly to this thread.

This post contains inactive links - you have to copy such link to address bar or use URL recognition (if your browser supports it). I apologize for that inconvenience, but there seems to be a limit of 6 URLs per post.


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