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Advisor and HUD-Mirror mod (yep, another one) 1.28.x
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Advisor and HUD-Mirror mod (yep, another one) 1.28.x

This mod relocates and regroups a bunch of things, and a couple things are absent.
The map, icons, and most time-related info is grouped together on the left of the screen a bit above center.

In the relocated group are . . .
- Icons: damage, fatigue, mail, low-fuel warning, and gear.
- Current day & time, ETA, time remaining to complete delivery, and time until next rest stop (toggle between "Navigation" & "Current Job" to see them all).
- Speed-Limit sign remains with the map.
- Speed-Warning indicator.

- Absent is the fuel-quantity icon (look at dashboard).
- Absent is the current speed (look at dashboard).

Also - The running-text line is much longer; now it's long enough to read before it disappears.
Other tweaks exist, too.
The positioning of this Advisor may interfere with truck mirrors, which I don't use; I leave the HUD mirrors on screen continuously.
I wrote it to satisfy my wants, and thought I'd share.

Eddie Yantz

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