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AeroDynamic Trailers v1.0 by AM for ETS2 [1.30.x]
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AeroDynamic Trailers v1.0 by AM for ETS2 [1.30.x]

Version 1.0:
+ First Realese.

Cargo: Appls, Suger, Toys (v1.0)
Custom Cargo: RAVEN, RedBull (v1.0)

- Animation (AeroDynamic Plate)
- Coupling and DeCoupling Animation (Brace)
- StandAlone
- No FPS Drop
- Clear Log
- Mod Manager

*Template included in mod file.

Known Issue:
- During the animation, the materials of the pages disappear
(The problem of the game).

3D Model, Texture: Amir Mahdavi, SCS SoftWare
Animation, Defination: Amir Mahdavi
RedBull Skin: Traxex
Tester: Mohammad BGM, AmirHossein DVG, Mehdi Anti

Amir Mahdavi

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    this much better version, thank you
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