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AfroMap v1.4.0
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AfroMap v1.4.0

Rebuilt part of the road near the city of Gabes, Bizerte
Fixed the names of the cities
Added new routes
Added new city of El-kala Skikda Constantine Annaba
Small improvements have been made

Compatible with other cards.
With the MARIO map and TSM are not compatible.
In the archive 1 file.
When you install to have all of DLS MAPS.
Connect with other cards in the mod Manager in any order.
1.32.x.x s test


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    2018-09-09 19:57
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  • Gust
    2018-09-09 20:04
    Mod date - 09.09.18. No fake
  • Diman_26
    2018-09-09 20:05
  • Diman_26
    2018-09-09 20:24
  • Attention*achtung
    2018-09-10 09:45
    https://mods.to/c32c1v2pc59o/AfroMap_v1.4.rar.html = ultramoddy, the Thief.He uses again the Names of the Modders of the Originals.When this fucking Site will be closed ???The Admis are only poor american arsholes
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