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Ahmling Transport Vtc Skin For Mercedes
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Ahmling Transport Vtc Skin For Mercedes

Truck skin for the Mercedes Actros.
Attention: The skin includes the lightbox, but not trailer!
Copy the two mods and paste them into the mod folder.

Mod file has been deleted!

Christian Ahmling

  • Christian ahmling
    2016-02-05 10:08
    Why did you put my skin up for DL ?
  • Alex74yt
    2016-02-05 19:05
    What is your interior
  • Christian ahmling
    2016-02-05 19:13
    Alex it is private.
  • Nicklas
    2016-02-06 02:42
    wake up kid why used ohter private mods dud migth i shloud call the cops?? ....
  • Christian ahmling
    2016-02-06 14:47
    One small kid got mad at me and my vtc and public my skin. But i dont know why ppl downloading it.
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