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Ai Cars and Trucks Colors 1.28.x
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Ai Cars and Trucks Colors 1.28.x

Dear all,
after successfully created a traffic density mod that seems to work well most of the time :lol: I considered that the next step for having a perfect traffic is to bring (much) more colors to Ai cars and trucks. Trying a few existent mods I was always meeting in traffic some colors that did not match with a real car color, but never knew which one was it to kick it out from the list.
so what my mod brings new comparing with other car color mods?
- I added almost 450 standard colors from the following source: https://www.w3schools.com/colors
- all colors were stored into an excel table to be easier to identify them when needed. you will find it in the zip archive
- the colors were sorted by groups of main colors, with a higher rate of unique versions of the most used colors by car manufacturers
- all colors were converted into scs with the tool of cocimalovo: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=173020&hilit=dodero
how to easily edit my mod?
- go to list of colors.xlsx or list of colors.xls (depending what Office version you have installed)
- add/multiply colors by inserting new rows or delete lines with unwanted colors (adding // or # on the text in the first column will also work in case you want to use that color later)
- a conditional formatting will change colors for double entries so if you multiply a color, by copying it more times (to see more a certain color in traffic) do not be surprised if cell color will change
- the I column contains the formula to build the whole SCS sii file so if you add new lines, be sure that you copy/paste the formula on the new lines.
- when you finish editing, copy all cels from the I column and paste it in car_colors.sii or truck_colors.sii, be sure you replace only the lines starting with color[]:
few mentions:
- painted trucks mod of jazzycat is not influenced by my mod
- original scs colors both for car and trucks were not deleted, you can find them at the end of each sii file


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