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AlexProject Map v0.2 Alpha 1.22
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AlexProject Map v0.2 Alpha 1.22

Standalone map, need a new profile!
Version 0.2 Alpha
What's new:
-increase road lenght
-add new details
-add some sign
Know bugs:
-probable invizibile walls
-lack of terrain
-only 3 truck dealers( DAF , MERCEDES,IVECO)
In the next version v0.3:
-New city
-New details
-New roads
Respect my work do no reupload with another download link!
Thank you and have fun!
Alex/HRT , SCS , TZ Express, BlueModels

SCS , TzExpress, BlueModels, Alex/HRT

  • Hrtalex
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    http://sharemods.com/z1v9ywuo3mug/alexprojectmap_v02.rar.htmlThis is the good link of map , sorry for the first link .
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