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Alive Traffic v1.6.1 by Momo
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Alive Traffic v1.6.1 by Momo

This is the BEST traffic mod out there! Saw a tradesman’s van driving in the outside lane slower than all other traffic hogging the lane and not pulling over. Everyone else was undertaking him. 100% realistic, love it! :D”
—- Vandragorax

” I like this a lot. Should re-name it Florida Traffic… Reminds me very much of some of the idiot slow drivers here in the fast lane. ”


Primary goal:
To simulate real life traffic in Europe as close as possible in terms of the density, speed variation, AI behavior and rush hours. This mod preserves Europe traffic, not trying to bring Bangkok traffic into Europe like other traffic mods. So do not expect unrealistic crazy amount of traffic jam in this mod. This mod is for those who enjoy realism.

Secondary goal:
To Enhance the player’s engagement and immersion in the traffic without compromising the frame rate and realism.


– Vehicle speed variation from 60 – 180 kmh on any road for all cars, trucks, buses.
– Slow vehicles (60 – 70 kmh) are only 10% of the vehicles in the traffic.
– Rush hours that do not kill the frame rate and do not cause traffic jam, just slower on highways and some medium lines in the cities. (Europe, not Bangkok)
– Slightly increased traffic density without killing the frame rate.
– Realistic traffic light interval time between red-yellow-green, longer time in overall so the red light is now significant, yellow has wider gap for you to react, green is long enough for you to make it.
– Realistic torque variation of AI trucks in the traffic, so now they don’t accelerate like F1 racing. Some even look like they are very heavy.

Peak hours:
07.00 – 09.00
17.00 – 19.00


– Game patch 1.28 compatible.
– Not compatible with other traffic mods.
– All SCS maps compatible.
– Promods maps compatible.
– May not be compatible with some map mods that heavily replace/add their own vehicles.


– High priority

Momo, Yuna

  • Momo
    2017-11-14 10:23
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