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All the service staff v1.3
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All the service staff v1.3

Changes in v1.3:
– Updated for 1.27: Optimizational update. Models converted into a new, more optimal format
– Dummy model optimized (created from scratch)

This is an updated and expanded version of the old Dispatcher mod. I’ve added customer service staff into some more places, not considered by the author of the original mod and hidden the other active area indicators.

– Dispatcher at companies and ferry terminals
– Customer service staff at truck services, recruitment agencies and truck dealers
– Seller near garages
– At gas stations, tollgates, railway stations and inside the garages active area indicators have been hidden

Compatibility: 1.27.x – latest

EvgenKo423, Knox_xss

  • Evgenko423
    2017-05-30 11:40
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