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All Wheel Drive & 900 Pony Power engine
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All Wheel Drive & 900 Pony Power engine

This mod pack contain :
R_900_Pony_Power.scs version : 1.01
R_All_Wheel_Drive.scs version : 1.01

It’s a tiny mod pack -There are my first mods-, you can use only one mod if you are using, for exemple another engime mod pack.

R_900_Pony_Power.scs -> This mod add a new engine for truck in vanilla : 900Pp (Pony Power – it can be Horse Power but it is less cool) and 4577 Nm !
But it consume 16L/100

Virtualy is like a tuning for the most powerfull engine for all truck !

R_All_Wheel_Drive.scs -> This mod add news chassis for all vanilla truck : 4×4, 6×6 and 6×6/4


  • Ralyer
    2017-03-12 17:56
    I'm the original author and there is a tiny fix for the R_All_Wheel_Drive.scs : https://mega.nz/#!DloUzBwJ!y2wX55FqN0JGJulCW4UVhoGn5xRO0WAO1qZDs4pDF5w
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