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Ambient noise v1.0
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Ambient noise v1.0

Hello truckers,
I have made myself in the murky Christmas weeks off and a mod tinkered still makes except the motor also other nice sounds. Some I have enabled and some added or changed.
Tested with the latest versions of TSM Map, DLC and in the normal game. If you have a modified gamedata.sii you should adjust this here the endsprechend, in no case do not delete the mod since then or only partially works. Maybe, you have to adjust the motor volume, try eifach. When you hear the flagpoles at the merchant should be all right.
In the pictures, just some things are making the noise, would be too much.
Please do not upload on other sites!
For amendments, criticism and questions I have always had an open ear.
I hope you enjoy it, have fun.
Greeting Dombro


  • Theosz
    2014-01-15 20:21
    My game always craches:...: [zipfs] Environment - Noise v1.0 by Dombro.scs: read ok, 51 entries [0x45ad19c8]...: [zipfs] The was an error while decoding (rain_inside.ogg): [NULL] [ogg] File format not recognised.: [zipfs] The was an error while decoding (thunder1.ogg): [zipfs] The was an error while decoding (thunder2.ogg): [zipfs] The was an error while decoding (mover.sii)...small space to
  • Theosz
    2014-01-15 20:22
    ...My short setup:a) Win7 x641) ETS 2 v1.8.2.5s -mm_pool_size 1000 (Steam updates automatically)2) DLC Going East! :-\ Profile basic without mods (To make test before using to my official profiles, so I do not damage my profiles...again)
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