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American Truckers CB Radio Mod
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American Truckers CB Radio Mod

American Truckers CB Radio Mod
Tested on 1.9.22 version
Author: SAVASmod


  • Guest
    2014-06-01 20:17
    Outstanding U.S. CB Radio Chatter Sir, #Salute I Drove Trucks Over Here And Your Mod Sounds As Real As It Gets!…I did a ETS2 U.S. CB Chatter Mod Too On This Site But You Got Some Great Files In Yours! And I’m A Afro American Driver And I Heard Many Of These Same Convo’s Many Moon’s!!! LOL! Great Mod, I’m Gonna Do A Full Video Featuring Your Mod! S/O’s To All My U.S. Drivers In ETS2
  • Guest
    2014-06-01 23:06
    Here's my video of your Modhttp://youtu.be/69c-xntV31w
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