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Animated gates in companies 1.26
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Animated gates in companies 1.26

The mod adds to the game more realism, making gates and barriers in many companies animated!
All gates and barriers have a conflict, so to fully open do not try to drive to the base or to go with it
In a fashion not present all the companies that are in the game, fashion will be updated
Test version of the game: 1.26.h
Authors : SCS and Schumi

SCS and Schumi

  • Maestro
    2017-01-01 17:55
  • Demon147
    2017-01-01 18:46
    The swinging doors do not open once inside
  • Demon147
    2017-01-01 19:49
    its ok for swinging doors sorry,
  • Maestro
    2017-01-02 01:34
    Thanks for the video Demon147. Downloading now.Happy new year.
  • Albert
    2017-01-03 00:41
    merci fonctionne a la perfection avec mario map
  • Demon147
    2017-01-04 06:29
    Happy new year @maestro
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