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Animated passengers 1.32-1.33.x
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Animated passengers 1.32-1.33.x

Animated passengers for buses and minibuses
Works on all cards except EAA BUS
Tested on 1.32.x and 1.33 versions
Authors: EAA TEAM, losevo58

EAA TEAM, losevo58

  • Fake fake fake
    2018-11-17 00:33
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    fakemaker Cruise is idiot Uploader: ATS-ETS2-FS
  • David
    2018-12-31 02:48
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    Hello, the mod is not very well, being in the companies the bus does not take the line where you have to pick up people because there is a wall. I tried another route and I do not appear to pick up.
  • John
    2019-04-05 17:55
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    Hello, waste of a good mod if you cannot pick up the passengers. Why isn't the pick-up point the same length as it is for the trailers?
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