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Animated Steering Wheel for all Truck’s (1.30/1.31)
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Animated Steering Wheel for all Truck’s (1.30/1.31)

This mod adds a animated steering wheel and steering animation when starting the engine for all scs trucks
– Adapted for 1.31/1.31
Hope you like this little difference that is more realistic to the real truck’s.
If you notice a bug, or something wrong with this mod dont put negative evaluation, let me know what is wrong with the mod, i will correct it as soon as possible.


  • Kalvin
    2018-06-19 09:55
  • Kalvin
    2018-06-19 09:57
  • Stolen from kalvin
    2018-06-19 14:30
    Stop to post your Links to a stolen Mod from Afromisiu...You nothing than a fucking Thief and Hacker !!!!!!Reported to the Owner !!!!!
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